Product Reviews: Baby Sleep Props and Gimics

Here are our opinions on just a few of the multitude of baby sleep props and gimics currently on the market, check out the below to see if we think these are worth the $$$:

Lulla Doll

Lulla is a soft, organic cotton doll.

It is designed to mimic the sound of Mom, with a battery powered insert which has the recorded sound of a lady deeply breathing and heart beating.

I’m not convinced it tricks babies in to thinking that Mom is there with them, but the sound may be of some comfort. It is essentially a white noise machine. White noise is proven to help babies sleep and fall from one sleep cycle in to the next (if they have learnt this skill)

Soft, cuddly
Fabric can absorb Mom’s scent if held close to her for a period of time
Lasts for 8 hours at a time, much longer than many white noise machines

Very pricey (69USD)
Lasts for 8 hours, 12 would be better
Batteries need replacing every week or so if used every night

The Verdict:
This is ‘nice to have’ but not necessary
Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are generally made from cotton or merino.

These are a sleeping bag for your baby to use once they have moved on from being swaddled (approximately 4 months or once they are showing signs of rolling over) Some even convert from a swaddle to a sleep sack.

They allow the arms to be free but cover the entire rest of body from chest to toes

Only require a bottom sheet on the cot if this is used, no top blankets required
Keep baby warm all night (merino are best for keeping baby at a good temperature)
No night waking due to being cold or no blankets on (they may still wake for many other reasons obviously!)

I have heard of some babies getting twisted and uncomfortable in the material

The Verdict:
Great to have, a good investment. Go for a good quality cotton or merino



Baby Shusher White Noise Machine

This is a small and portable machine that mimic the ‘shhhhhhhh’ noise.

Runs off 2xAA batteries.
It is said to engage in a baby’s natural calming reflexes.
It has a timing option for 15-30 minutes

Easy to use
Saves using your phone as a white noise machine!

Not continuous, only 15-30 mins, would be better to have an option of ongoing noise to get through sleep cycles

The Verdict:
Worth the investment


Baby Sleep Drops

A natural remedy designed to support natural sleep patterns in babies. They are said to soothe a distressed infant and calm and settle toddlers.
They are also said to support allergies, digestive system, teething issues and nervous system.
Big promises!

100% natural
Can contact a consultant after one week’s use if you’re not seeing results


The Verdict:
Good reviews online, but myself and people I personally know who have tried them haven’t had any real definitive success.
Not necessary