Entertain the Kids for Free these Holidays

Many moms dread that time of year when the kids break up for summer. This isn’t because they don’t want the kids around – it is because kids need to be entertained, and this means forking out money. The average household can’t afford to spend lots of cash on entertaining the children over the summer holidays. At the same time, you don’t want the kids hanging around feeling bored for weeks on end.

One thing you can do is to compile a list of free ways to keep the kids entertained this summer. There are many indoor and outdoor activities that both you and the kids can enjoy together. This will help to keep the children active and entertained while saving you a bundle.

Some great options for summer entertainment

So, if you want to find ways to entertain your kids for free over the summer break, here are a few ideas that are simple but effective. As reported recently on Fox News Live, Americans are now saving more and spending less – and these activities will enable you to keep up this trend:

  • Organize a garden party: You can organize a garden party quickly and easily, and it can be fun for kids and adults alike. On hot summer days, get the paddling pool set up, put out a table with some buffet food for everyone to enjoy, and crank up the music. The kids will love enjoying some time outdoors and you can create a great atmosphere. Let the children invite their friends along – you can also invite the parents so you can engage in some adult conversation while the kids focus on having fun.
  • Arrange a day out at the beach: Depending on where you live, you can organize a day out for the beach. It’s a good idea to do this in conjunction with friends who also have kids, as you can all go together and share the travel costs. You don’t even have to worry about paying for food and drinks, as you can take a picnic along for everyone to enjoy on the beach.
  • Indoor games and entertainment: If you are looking for entertainment for the kids on colder or rainy days, there are plenty of indoor games you can choose from. You can enjoy some family fun by playing board games with the kids, organize a fashion show, or get them involved in some arts and crafts.
  • Movie days: Most kids love to watch movies, and arranging movie days is a great way to keep them happy. The best thing is that these days you don’t even have to pay for DVD rentals because you can stream the movies you want to watch online. Simply hook up your computer to the TV with an HDMI lead, stream the movie that the kids want to watch, and you’re good to go. You can even provide some snacks and invite some of the kids’ friends round to make it a more fun and enjoyable experience for them.

All of these options provide a great and affordable way to entertain your children during the long summer break.