4 Toddler Personality Types: Which One is Yours?

Toddlers are delightful to have around – most of the time.

Of course, they can be naughty, tiring, and frustrating to deal with. However, they can also be very entertaining, loving, and joyful to have around. One of the great things about seeing your little one enter the toddler years is the ability to see his or her personality starting to come through. At this age, you will often see the toddler personality type emerging, and there are many different categories that your child may fall into.

Some parents may wonder whether their toddler’s personality is down to nature or nurture. Well, experts believe that it is a little of both. While toddlers do have distinct personalities that stem from birth, parents are also able to get involved and guide them to help develop their personality. For example, if you have a toddler who is very introverted you can do thing to help increase confidence levels to help bring your little one out of his or her shell.

Some of the distinct personality types in toddlers

There are a number of distinct personality types that are associated with toddlers and there are ways in which you, as the parents, can get involved to help guide your toddler and aid their personality development. Some of the toddler personality types include:

  • The observant child: This is the toddler that prefers to stand in the background and watch what is going on rather than get involved. It does not necessarily mean that they are shy but more the fact that they prefer not to join in with what is going on. It could be that they become anxious at the thought of getting involved and being in social satiations may be difficult for them. To help combat this, stay close by when your little one meets new people and speak in a soothing tone while they are around new people. Give them time to adjust rather than expecting them to run amok and start getting involved with everything.
  • The easygoing child: When you have an easygoing toddler, you can look forward to a far more relaxed time as a parent. These children and laid back, pretty happy, funny but sensible at the same time, and always cheerful. These are the toddlers that can brighten up your day with a simple smile and have their mad moments but also their calm ones. Of course, this is the type of personality that parents want to encourage and a great way to do this is through positive reinforcement. The fact that this is a toddler means that there will be moments of naughtiness but by praising good behavior you will encourage that side of his or her personality.
  • The wild child: This is possibly every parent’s nightmare as it means being constantly rushed off your feet. Toddlers in this category don’t seem to stop for breath. They are constantly running around, doing things that they shouldn’t, getting in places that they have been told to steer clear of, and causing chaos wherever they go. It is not necessarily down to being naughty – often they simply have way too much energy and running wild is a way of using up some of this. These toddlers can be very entertaining and funny but they also tend to be very vocal when they are not happy about something. To try and tackle this, try not to over-stimulate your child and instead create a calmer environment. Also, make sure that you are very clear and firm with your child when you need him or her to pay attention as otherwise it will be in one ear and out the other.
  • The curious child: Most toddlers are curious to some degree but some are way more curious than others. The little explorers in this category like to get their noses into everything. They do not necessarily run amok like those with the wild child personality. They actually take time to explore – the kind of kids that will take toys apart bit by bit just to see how they were put together in the first place. These are the types of toddlers that experts believe will go on to become leaders in their field, simply because of this explorative personality trait. As a parent, it is good to encourage this curiosity and exploration. However, you need to also keep an eye on your toddler, as the last thing you want is them trying to mess with something that could prove hazardous.

No matter what the personality of your toddler, you can look forward to the entertainment, joy, and love that they bring to your life. As a parent, you can pick up on their personality type and use your parental skills to help guide them in the right direction.