Healthy Eating for Parents – Easy Food Swaps

Many moms slowly put on weight or start feeling lethargic during the toddler years – and I think I know why!?……

Constantly eating toddler food scraps and leftovers all day long!

It’s also an easy option to go to the cupboard and quickly grab a packaged snack to eat on the go. Packaged snack certainly have their place in a mom’s busy life, but they won’t give you sustained energy or the nutrition that your body needs so badly after running around – mentally and physically – after little people all day.

If you nourish your body, your mind will also be clearer and you will have the energy, clarity and ‘get up and go’ that you need.

Try these healthy and simple food swaps during your day, small changes like these will make a world of difference:


Instead of adding Mayonnaise, try spreading Avocado

Instead of eating Fries, try Baked Sweet Potato

Instead of Potato Mash – Cauliflower Mash (kids often like this swap too!)

Instead of topping with Sour Cream, try Greek Yoghurt

Instead of reaching for the Chocolate or Candy, try a piece of Fresh Fruit

Instead of having a Filled roll or Sandwiches, switch it for a Pita pocket or wrap

Instead of buying a Coffee, try a refreshing Green Tea with many health benefits.


As moms, we certainly derserve the odd ‘treat’ so don’t feel guilty, but small changes through the day will keep you nourished and fighting it.

Balance and moderation are the key!