Healthy Eating for Children – Easy Food Swaps

We all want our kids to be happy and healthy. Packaged snacks make life easy, they last a long time in the cupboards, they are quick and convenient. The problem is though that they are often filled with preservatives and artificial colours and flavours. These things can play havoc on a little person’s developing brain and gut.

The key is moderation. It is fine to offer your little ones these foods sometimes, as long as it is balanced out.

I’m often out and about during the day and packaged food is the convenient answer. Because of this I ensure that all my evening dinners are cooked from scratch, not pasta sauce in a jar – it’s so easy to make your own and I love using fresh herbs grown in the garden.

Here are a couple of quick food swaps you can use:

Instead of serving Ice Cream, try Frozen Mashed/Blitzed Banana

Instead of adding Sugar, try adding Honey

Instead of offering Candy, try Dried Fruit eg. Mango for a sweet treat

Instead of giving them Soda try Sprakling water with natural food coloring

Instead of starting the day with Sugary Breakfast Cereal, try Egg soldiers

Moderation and balance is the key!