Why Won’t My Baby Stop Crying?!

Babies are wonderful, amazing, time wasting and so lovable.

But they can also be very worry-inducing, tear-producing and confusing.

Why won’t she stop crying? Does she not like me? Is she hungry? Is she uncomfortable? Or in pain?

There is often no way of telling, other than the process of elimination, try to fix a possible issue and see if they are still upset, try the next thing on your list.

Here are some suggestions to possible reasons for a baby crying:

Firstly, try feeding them. Babies can go from perfectly fine to starving hungry within seconds it seems. If they are bottle fed, prepare a bottle, warmed and heat tested on the inside of your wrist. If they are breast fed, pop them on the breast. They may not be all that hungry but simply want the comfort of sucking or being near to you. If you have lots of milk or a fast let down and they can’t get the sucking comfort without getting a whole lot of milk with it then try a pacifier. There is nothing wrong with offering a pacifier, and don’t worry about other people’s opinion on them, or about the worry of getting rid of it as they get older – this part is relatively easy and definitely worth it for some peace and relief in the first few months.

If you suspect an issue with breast feeding, then have a read of my Breast Feeding article here.

If you are comfortable that your baby isn’t hungry, but is still crying then we need to try something else.

Are they tired? If they have not long woken from a sleep of at least one sleep cycle (approximately 45 minutes for a baby in the first few months of life) then they shouldn’t be immediately tired. If they only slept for 15-20 minutes then it is likely that they were woken by something before they were ready and need to go back to sleep. If they won’t settle back in their bed then then try taking them for a walk in the pram, this will do both you and them good – fresh air for you and movement for them.

If they have been awake for more than 1.5 hours and won’t stop crying then it is possible they need another nap.

If you are comfortable that they aren’t hungry or tired, yet they still won’t settle and stop crying then they may be over stimulated.

Sometimes the big wide world is simply too much for babies to handle.

Take them in to a quiet room, swaddle them – firmly around their arms but loosely around their hips and legs. Turn on some white noise or “shush”, loudly enough to block any other sounds.

Hold them on their tummies or side and gently sway. This position, along with gentle movement, constant white noise and feeling secure in a swaddle should settle them relatively quickly.

If you have tried all of the above and still have no luck, then it may be worth talking to your health care professional. Other issues could be reflux or colic or even something needing further investigation