Why is My Baby Waking During the Night?

So you’ve put your little darling in to bed for the night, done a quick tidy up to sort out the chaos of the evening and sat down to watch TV, or crawled in to bed yourself, only to have your baby wake again soon after. And repeat. And repeat. All night long.

Why is your baby not sleeping and staying asleep?

Sometimes it feels like they are just waking to irritate you, to keep you on your toes.

But there is probably a good reason, and most likely it can be resolved – there is hope!!

Here are a few key things to look at:


Routines are so important for babies. Firstly they give little ones a sense of comfort, they know what is happening and what is following and feel relaxed with the situation, it is familiar.

Babies can’t tell the time, and don’t have a sense of what is meant to happen when – unless of course you have a regular routine to guide them.

For example, a bedtime routine should occur each night to guide your baby that it is wind down time and time for the big long sleep. Here is a good example of a night time routine:

  • Bath
  • Lights dimmed, TV off, voices lowered
  • A short, relaxing massage
  • 2 Books
  • Breast or bottle feed
  • Bed

A day time nap routine would be similar, but without the bath and massage and perhaps only one book.

This all signals to the baby that it is time for sleep, as well as getting their mind and body physically ready and calmed for sleep.


If your baby is under 6 months old then it is likely that they will need a feed or even two during the night. A baby’s stomach is still relatively small and breastmilk in particular is digested quickly. Formula fed babies may not require feeds as often.

If your baby is over 6 months and is in the ‘normal’ range for weight and height, then their waking for a feed may be a habit rather than a need.

Resettling between sleep cycles

If a baby is rocked or fed to sleep, or even just falls asleep with you in the room with them, then when they wake up in between sleep cycles they will likely need this same process to fall back in to the next sleep cycle. There is a real science to baby sleep stages and cycles. You see well all ‘wake’ multiple times during the night. As adults we simply fall back to sleep without even knowing it. But babies need to learn this skill.

It is fairly easy to teach them, and only requires a small amount of time, a bit of patience but with a huge result at the end.

There are many ways to teach a baby to sleep, ‘sleep training’ methods often require you to leave your baby to ‘cry it out’ and leave them alone for extended periods of time.

If you want to learn how to help your baby fall asleep on your own in the most gentle and fast way possible then I would love to take you through my ‘Five Minute Sleep Method’ programme.